Frequently Asked Questions at Job Interview

The job interview is surely one of the most important stages in a selection process. It is common for many people to live this experience in an agonizing way, so preparing it is essential to face it with a minimum of guarantees (the more "comfortable you feel" the more likely you will have to "get away with it").

You must begin to prepare yourself from the moment you receive the call in which you are informed that you are summoned to an interview. Do not forget to ask what it will consist of (individual interview, panel, group dynamics ...)


You may have an impressive resume, but it will be of no use if at the time of the interview you do not know how to adequately answer the questions they ask you, to appreciate your degree of competence and motivation.

Although it is impossible to list all the questions you may be asked during an interview, here are some of the most frequently encountered questions.

Frequently asked questions about training

  • Why did you choose those studies?
  • Would I choose that training again?
  • What studies would you have liked to do?
  • Do you like what you have studied? Why?
  • Have you expanded your training in recent years?
  • Would you continue studying to complete your training?
  • Your good / bad notes to what they were due?

Frequently asked questions about professional experience
  •     What was your last experience?
  •     What were your responsibilities?
  •     What has been the best job you have ever had?
  •     What would you forget about your working life?
  •     Why did not he work for two years?
  •     During the unemployment period, what have you done?
  •     What can you bring to work?
  •     Describe the best boss you have ever had.
  •     What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in your career?
  •     What are the achievements in the work that you would highlight?
  •     What people or companies can provide us with references?

Frequently asked questions about the company and the position you choose

  •     Why do you want to work in our company?

  •     Why should we hire you?

  •     What do you value most about the work offered?

  •     Do you know our company?

  •     Do you have information about our area?

  •     Is the salary good?

  •     How much would you like to win?

  •     What are your future goals?

  •     How do you see your future career?

  •     Why do you want to change jobs?

  •     Have you been fired from a job? Why?

  •     Do you have any questions?

  •     Is there any information that has not come out that you would like to know?

Frequently asked questions about competencies and personality

  •     Have you ever helped a partner to achieve his goals? How?

  •     Discuss the biggest problem you have encountered when working on a work team.

  •     Have you made any professional mistakes?

  •     What have you learned from your mistakes?

  •     Explain to me a work situation in which you have successfully solved a problem situation.

  •     What are your strengths?

  •     What positive aspects would you highlight?

  •     What are your weaknesses?

  •     What did you do when you worked with someone you did not like?

  •     How do other people view you?

  •     Tell me about yourself. What kind of person is considered?

  •     How do you deal with stress and pressure?

  •     Tell me a situation where you have shown your ability to communicate.

  •     Tell me about your favorite hobbies.

  •     Would you like your boss to be male or female?

  •     Tell me a character from the story or a person from your environment that you admire and explain why.

Frequently Asked Questions at a Job Interview

The job interview is the last phase of the selection process. It's a key moment in which you should not improvise, so if you have an interview ... get ready!



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