The Hardest Job Interviews

The selection process in companies like Google, Shell, Facebook and P & G consists of a series of telephone and personal interviews. The key lies in impossible questions. Written exams, riddles, practical tests, strange questions, individual and group interviews. To enter one of the most important companies in the world it is necessary to test yourself before an extensive and difficult job interview.

"What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte of gmail?"

They asked a postulant on Google.

"How many people would use a drug that prevents baldness?"

It was the question for another postulant in Boston Consulting Group.

These are the kinds of challenges that face one of the 25 most difficult job interviews, according to the ranking prepared by the Glassdor work portal in the United States.

The consultants lead the list with McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman in the top three positions. A figure that marks the trend of the ranking is that almost half are made up of technology companies, such as Google (9), Facebook (24) and Amazon (25), who are famous in Silicon Valley for their hard technical interviews.

Together with Shell at No. 8, Procter & Gamble (15) and General Mills (21) are another of the companies on the list, which was made from more than 80,000 interviews conducted in the past year.

The Hardest Job Interviews

The Hardest Job Interviews

These types of companies have selection processes with two or three telephone interviews, and if the applicant is still on the road for employment, he can face six personal interviews. The questions may even come from future co-workers.



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