Words Should Not Be Said in an Job Interview

The basic rule for a job interview is to be yourself; And although we all make mistakes in job interviews, (some of them without realizing it), there are some phrases that you should avoid saying, because they communicate distrust, arrogance, arrogance and negativity.

Words Should Not Be Said in an Job Interview

"I have no defects" 

It denotes arrogance and dishonesty; We are human beings and by nature have flaws. When asked about your greatest defect, respond honestly, followed by an action you are doing to work on it.

"I've never been wrong" 

If you are asked to tell a bad experience and how you solved it but you say you never make mistakes, you will see yourself as someone proud and a liar.

"I already know everything" 

We return to pride and dishonesty. Maybe you think saying that you know everything will give you a direct pass to the position, but you'd better be honest and highlight your desire to learn new things.

"I do not like to work as a team" 

One of the most sought after competitions for companies today is teamwork, so saying that you do not like working with people will take you points immediately.

"My ex-boss is a% $ # @" 

Bad talk about your previous company or boss causes very bad impression. If you did not stay in the best terms, you were fired or had problems with your former boss, it is best not mention in your next interviews.

"I did not inquire about the vacancy / company" 

Not investigating which company you are going to or the position you want to occupy is the worst mistakes you can make.


It shows little interest, apathy and laziness. The key is to avoid negativity, insecurity, nervousness and apathy; On the contrary, you must show good attitude, interest and highlight the best of your personality.


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