How to Answer the Question Why Should I Hire You?

Why Should I Hire You? We teach you to answer one of the most difficult questions in any job interview. When preparing for a job interview, it is necessary to consider many variables that can influence whether the meeting is successful, or that it becomes a real failure. However, there are factors that are repeated in all interviews, and that you must know to be prepared.

Maybe Why do you want this job? And why should I hire you? They are the two most common and difficult questions to answer from all job interviews, so we teach you to answer the second so you can convince everyone that you really are the right person for that job.

How to Answer the Question Why Should I Hire You?

Why Should I Hire You?

Initially, you should consider that hiring you means not hiring another person, who can be as qualified as you and even more. Therefore, you must be sincere with the response and highlight those personal attributes or professional qualities that really make you the right person for that position. Giving false information will not get you anywhere, as most recruiters can detect such lies with simple strategies, but it will also be a way to take away the possibility of another person, who wants the job as much as you.

In addition to sincere with the recruiter, you must sincerate with you. Surely at first it will seem that you do not have the answer, but if you think about it a moment you will see that yes. Something motivated you to point to that offer, something made you believe that this job was for you, and that is precisely why you should reveal it to your recruiter. Ask yourself without fear Why should you hire me? What can I bring to the company?

Consider what the recruiter would like to hear is also a great option to evaluate your response. With sincerity, you can think about what the company needs and use it in your favor to answer. How do you know what the company is looking for? In the job notice they certainly specified some basic features of the job, but in addition, a quick research on your website or social networks can give you more information.

Perhaps the best option is to prefer quality over quantity, even if you have multiple academic and professional merits that make you the employee the company seeks. The human factor, what you can bring as a person, often makes the difference. Naming the courses and studies that you have may be useful, but illustrating how you can meet the requirements requested considering both your previous experiences and your academic knowledge will really make you achieve a successful response.

To respond Why are you the best? You must know why you are. Knowing you, knowing exactly what your CV says and appealing to sincerity will be the keys that will help you stand out in an interview and make it clear to any recruiter why they should hire you before another candidate.




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