How To Dress for A Job Interview

The image and first impression says a lot about one, so when you go to an interview take into account the image and the concept of the company and, from there, get ready. There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression.

Eye, dressing well for the interview does not mean that you always have to put on a suit. The detail is in showing oneself as one is through clothing but always conveying a professional and trustworthy image.

Going well dressed to the job interview is critical. The image says a lot about you, so when you present yourself in an interview, keep in mind the image of the company and agree with it. Dressing well does not necessarily mean wearing a suit.

How To Dress for A Job Interview

The trick is to show yourself as you are, but trying to convey a professional and reliable image. The moment has come! They have finally called him to go to a job interview, and he is determined to get the job.

We'll see:

1. Investigate the company culture and dress code: if you are lucky enough to meet someone who works there, ask them directly how they usually dress in the company.

2. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable with, it is not about going disguised as something that you are not, but about transmitting professionalism.

3. The colors of the garments must be neutral, never very striking. For men, the most appropriate colors in the case of the shirt are: white or blue, and if you wear suit, black or gray.

4. One tip on how to dress in a job interview for men is to wear shirts instead of shirts.

5. As for shoes, make sure they are completely clean before entering the job interview. It is preferable to use closed shoe.

6. If you wear a piercing it is preferable to remove it during the job interview. It is also advisable to cover tattoos.

7. They should be shaved and well combed. Among the accessories that are advised is the watch and the belt.

8. Always make sure before you go to the job interview that your clothes are perfectly ironed.

9. Change the appearance of your dress in a second interview, changing the color of shirt or tie.

10. Finally, among the tips on how to dress in a job interview, you can not miss a portfolio or a bag not too large, which should be the Curriculum (without doubling). It is a good complement because they have something to hold with their hands while they wait, and so they will not put them in their pockets.

Some recommendations to be successful in your presentation at the job interview:

• You must arrive 10 or 15 minutes before the time set for the interview, because it causes bad impression to be late.

• Do not chew gum. No Smoking

• Do not ask what your salary will be; It is the interviewer who must inform you.

• Show self-confidence. When entering, walk straight and you should firmly (without exaggerating) hand your interviewer.

• Do not sit down before being offered.

• You should always be attentive to your interviewer and must manifest that attention at all times.

• There should be no air of superiority as if you were doing a favor to the company

• When the interview is over, do not ask the interviewer how you did it.

• At all times must maintain contact with the interviewer's eyes.

• Never interrupt the interviewer.

• Never tell a lie (nor exaggerate) about your academic or professional achievements, as it can be discovered and will never be called to work there.

• You should not talk bad about former employers (even if they were really bad), because if you do, the recruiter will think that if he hires you then you will speak ill of them too.


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