How To Improve My Way of Dressing Or Find My Own Style

Many people sometimes feel lost with respect to their personal style. They are not clear on what to focus on when shopping, why they have the closet full of things they do not use, what they really need to have or what they want to achieve by focusing more on their personal image.

How To Improve My Way of Dressing Or Find My Own Style

 If you have ever had any of those doubts, these 5 points will help you better understand what you should do.

1. What are my best attributes?

Think of the most beautiful parts of your body and make a list. Do you have good legs, nice eyes, nice shoulders, enviable hair? If you know what your best attributes are then you will know what things to invest in to highlight them. Our best attributes can change over time, so focus on the best you have now and not the best you had years ago.

2. Do I have all the necessary clothes to create fabulous outfits?

It is really impossible to create fabulous outfits if you do not have the necessary clothes. Always at the beginning of the season (spring-summer or autumn-winter) it is good to check your clothes. Are your trousers still well cut or do you need to buy some in a smaller or larger size? Are your clothes in good condition or do you need to remove them from your closet? Review everything you have in detail and, if you need to replace something, go to a list to plan a day of shopping and just focus on what you really need.

3. What are the real reasons why I have things in the closet that I do not use?

These could be one of the reasons:

    Keep buying clothes for a lifestyle different from the one you now have.

    He has not defined his own style.

    Purchase to fill an emotional void without thinking well about what you are buying.

    He goes shopping without a list and then realizes that what he bought has no reason to put it on.

Knowing the reasons, you can take the necessary measures to correct the problems and make better purchases from now on.

4. Do I have adequate clothing for the different roles I perform in my life?

It is important to have adequate clothing for all the different activities that one performs in their lifestyle. This includes, for example: elegant party clothes, casual meetings, work clothes, weekend clothes, exercise and travel. It is necessary to look good all the time, which is why it is a good idea to have suitable pieces for all the activities you do.

5. Am I receiving the results I want from my wardrobe?

Everything we wear should be a reflection of our personality and who we really are. Dedicating time and money to our wardrobe should bring results such as: flattery, self-confidence and feeling good in our body. It could also result in a job offer, an ascent or new opportunities.

Also you have to take into account the following tips to find your style:

Know your body and your style. Each person is different and the most important thing is to know each other. To get dressed, it is necessary to know what our body type is and dress according to our silhouette, taking into account what favors us and not only guiding us by fashion trends. On the other hand we have to dress according to our personality, using our creativity and unique style without copying, without reflecting on others.

 Choose the set you are going to wear the day before. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to create combinations of clothes. Instead of staying in front of the closet or closet for minutes in the morning, it's worth preparing clothes in advance.

It will be much easier if the wardrobe is well organized and organized according to the type of clothes and colors. In addition, a trick or tip of an image consultant is to take notes or take a picture of sets of clothes that you have liked to inspire you when you can not think of what to wear.

The most important thing about clothes is that it feels good to you, like a glove. Therefore buy your clothes of your size and if you doubt, try several sizes of the same garment until you find the one that suits you best.

If the garment is not perfect, ask at the same store to make the arrangements or take it to your tailor or trusted dressmaker. If you need it, shorten the bottom of the pants or the skirt so that it does not look like the clothes are borrowed.

The accessories are key to have a good image. Take care of the details, your shoes that are clean in good condition, if the garment requires a belt do not forget to use it. The bag and the briefcase that are of quality.

If you use jewelry and costume jewelery, you do not need to carry all the pieces of a set, you can mix pieces of different sets or loose as long as they are the same style as the clothes and are coordinated.

In the case of the gentlemen in the suit you have to wear a dress watch and not a sports watch, we have to adapt the watch to the type of dress.

Take care of the good condition of the hair. Hair is one of the most striking elements. The haircut has to be current and favor the shape of our face.

Wash regularly and visit whenever you need the hairdresser to keep the cut and not have a careless appearance.

If you have not found a hairdresser that you like, if you find someone with a good cut, do not be afraid to ask for a recommendation. When you know that you are well combed, you gain confidence in yourself.

Focus on what you like about yourself. Do not let your mind become obsessed with those elements that you do not like about your silhouette or anatomy. Think about what you have good and dress according to these positive points.

Ask your friends what they like most about you, what they admire most. If you want extra help, nothing like hiring a specialist, an image consultant to help you see more objectively.

It will be your best ally to learn how to get more out of your game, gain confidence and power.

Attitude is very important. A smile is a weapon to feel better and make others feel more comfortable in our presence. The smile is a sign of confidence and it is not hard to share it.

The people we most admire for their style are not necessarily the most gracefully physically or those who have more money.

To have a good image, remember to always wear depending on your body type, adapting to the circumstances and giving a special touch to the attire with accessories.

If you are one of the people who are always self-analyzing, surely you have questioned how is the image that you project to others of yourself.

And to improve your way of dressing it is important:

Create a balance

It is one of the basic points when dressing: if we have a very tight garment at the top, we must use a loose underneath and vice versa. The same thing happens with prints: we can not combine two different prints - although there are some exceptions that have to be used very carefully.

You have to create a balance in the look, not all garments can be excessively striking, we must use something simple to balance.

Do not follow fashions

Just follow the fashions that fit you, comfortable and that you like. Do not buy something because everyone wears it if you do not like it or you do not feel comfortable with the garment. It is better to stay true to the style and what one fits well than to be a traveling trend.


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