How to Deal With Job Interviews Online

The job interview, a decisive moment in which to be in front of the interviewer - who may well be the head of the area in which there is a vacancy or the director of human resources - must demonstrate that they possess the skills and preparation to be The selected, has suffered some variables in recent times.

And is that with the appearance of the internet, this crucial meeting can also be developed online, through a videoconference.

The Online Job Interview

The online job interview helps reduce the times and costs of the staff selection process. Practically of recent implantation, it is estimated that it will acquire great boom during this year that begins just as in future times.

In this sense, it is important to prepare to face these types of interviews that, most likely, we will face soon. And it is that it becomes a double test, the actual job interview and the one that implies for the interviewer to certify how we develop before these types of scenarios that will be so common in the very near future.

You have to prepare yourself to defend your professional profile before the computer camera, and before her, and of course before the interviewer, look serene, confident, and proactive.

Those who since childhood have played with a computer, tablet, cell phone, or laptop, will be extremely simple. Here the generation called millenials will move like fish in the water. The disadvantages will be presented, surely, to those who belong to other generations, accustomed to the face-to-face meeting and, sometimes, few showers in digital management.

But do not be squeamish if you are not a millenials.

We can all cope with the interview online, especially if you have the proper professional preparation and you are sure of your skills and knowledge. Learning to move in digital scenarios will be just one more step, a new experience to add to your resume, to your skills. One more step in your professional growth.

Broadly preparing for an online job interview does not differ in essence from the face-to-face interview. However, the digital stage has certain characteristics of the medium that is good to learn how to handle.

First, check the proper functioning of audio and video connections. Avoid surprises. Have everything ready so that the interviewer can proceed as soon as you answer the call. Having to make adjustments at the time of the online encounter will leave you very badly stopped, especially if the time of the other person is timed.

Second, dress the same as if the interview were face-to-face. Not because the meeting is online is less solemn and serious. Assume your attire from head to toe and do not even think about wearing half a body. If for any situation you had to get up to look for any document or any other circumstance, you could be in serious trouble.

Third, prepare yourself, rehearse, do vocal exercises. Test your communication skills. Learn to communicate assertively and positively. This will serve not only for the online job interview, but to work in any organization. The mirror will always be a good ally to review the movements of his hands, his gesture, his ease and help him to unfold in front of the camera that, remember, should always look directly.


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