How to Dress For the Job Interview

Going well dressed for the job interview is essential. The image says a lot about you, so when you present yourself in an interview, keep in mind the image of the company and get ready according to it. Dressing well does not necessarily mean wearing a suit. The trick is to show yourself as you are, but trying to convey a professional and reliable image. Here are some small tips on what you should not do.

How to Dress For the Job Interview

Dress For the Job Interview

  1. As a general rule, conservative colors are better in some blue or gray tone. Using a black color can be too serious. If you use it, be sure to bring another color close to your face to soften the image.

  2. It is preferable to wear shirts than shirts. If the situation requires it, wear a tie.

  3. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops or shoes like that. It is too informal.

  4. If you wear a suit, check that it suits you. Not too loose, not too narrow. Try to wear fashionable outfits.

  5. Do not wear fisherman pants or pirates. Neither warmers on the legs.

  6. If you are a woman, do not paint your nails with gaudy or bizarre colors. Keep your nails neat and clean.

  7. Avoid unnecessary jewelry loading: do not use more than two rings in each hand or one earring per ear.

  8. If you choose to wear bare legs, wear socks, even if it's hot. The stockings can be of neutral color, or of some color that combines with your shoes.

  9. Watch the add-ons. It is better to use discreet and stylish bags, which are printed or too modernist.

  10. Avoid leather jackets (jackets), they are too sporty.

  11. Change the appearance of your dress in a second interview, changing the color of your blouse, shirt, or tie.

  12. An interview is not the right place to show off that you are fashionable, although if you dedicate yourself to a career related to art, you can be a little more appropriate.

In any case, what you wear should highlight the fact that you are a professional, a trustworthy and reliable person, ready to work in a new job. Let your common sense guide you


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