How to Dress For A Job Interview In Summer

Hello! Although many are about to take the holidays and do not feel anything to talk about work, there are other women who are looking for a job and certainly right now, what matters most are job offers, rather than looking for travel deals. For them, to give them luck and to help them make a good first impression in the interview, I dedicate this post with some advice that dictates the logic, although it depends a lot on the personal style of each one and the type of work to which they are Go to opt.

Having a job interview in summer is not the same as in winter where we see more clich├ęs when it comes to dressing. This season is hot and a lot, and it's not a plan to go with some sandals and a little more beach dress than work. But of course, in a suit of jacket we are going to roast ... so, what do we wear? First of all: feel comfortable with what you take and be yourselves to convey security. As for makeup, opt for something natural and nothing overloaded to maintain a neutral line. Also for hairstyle. Comb combed to favor a cleaner and tidier image.

Choose neutral tones and black, an infallible color that never fails. And try to wear a jacket. I am aware of the high temperatures and that we will be nervous and sweat more, but wearing naked arms is not a good idea. Fortunately there are tricks like putting on a sleeveless top underneath. And if we also find a cardigan elegant enough, or a blazer of lightweight fabric with some opening to run the air, we get the full! Remember that in the offices there is air conditioning, and most of the time, it is very strong so do not be afraid to wear a jacket. You will give an air of seriousness.

If you have decided to wear a skirt, attention to length. For the knee and or a little above is the recommended measure. We are in a formal interview and wearing a miniskirt can create the wrong impression.

In shoes, choose comfortable models, which are not too open, have a little heel, and avoid platforms. In accessories, a necklace or bracelet that animates the look, and a medium-sized bag to fit the tablet in case you have to teach something or a notebook to take notes, are the perfect complement. And finally, be careful with the fabrics, and do not be those who wrinkle to the minimum as can be the linen. All clean, spotless and well ironed.

Always remember this: they are going to take you for your professional qualities and it is best that you remember the excellent answers you gave, and not for the mega fashion that you wore that day.

Dress For A Job Interview In Summer

#Look 1

If you opt for a serious job in a company, but you do not want to fall into the ever-wearing black jacket and skirt with white shirt, you can go modern classically speaking, without falling into the boring office style. You can simply wear a trend piece but traditional cut, or a conservative garment but modern cut, to add more personality to the look.

#Look 2

For more informal interviews in the face of more creative jobs, youthful ... yes we can dare to wear jeans, yes, dark color and of course that are not broken or worn.

Although we want to be taken by our curriculum, it is important to keep in mind that the person interviewing us has seen many people and obviously will not be left with the names, and are usually what we wore: "the striped shirt "," The short skirt "," the go-go disco shoes "... so be careful what you choose.

As we are going to wear jeans, I recommend accompanying them with a design blouse and of course a good footwear. No dancers, no sneakers, no Roman sandals ... And always, a jacket like this Leita can be for us to cover the back, which is not a matter of marking or teaching no matter how well you feel the jeans.

The sleeveless blouse and thin rolled knit jacket will not give us as much heat as we imagine.

#Look 3

Wearing a dress can be an excellent alternative because among other things it is the least warm option. Look for a structured model with the appearance of formality, and of course, a neutral color. The reds, oranges, phosphors are not the most indicated.

Instead, do not choose dresses of honor (we do not look for boyfriend, but work), cut empire (which gives pregnant feeling) or crusaders with a lot of cleavage (which give more volume to the chest area). They are not appropriate. And of course, arms covered. As the dress I have selected is perhaps too elegant for a job interview, we can subtract formality with a flowing bohemian style jacket that both wear this summer.

From this topic we could be hours and hours talking, - you see how long I have left the post! -, so I stand here and I hope you share your ideas and experiences, which is never wrong to learn more.

See you tomorrow!!


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