Questions To Ask During A Nursing Interview

A nursing interview offers the opportunity to meet with the candidates and measure how well they fit in with their facilities and staff. During an interview, tap the requirements of the position and ask questions that will give you an idea of ​​the personality and style of the nurse.

Questions To Ask During A Nursing Interview

Education and Certifications

To ensure that the applicant for a nursing position meets the training requirements of the open job, ask about their background. Topics to be addressed include university degrees, certifications, training courses and continuing education. If the applicant is looking for a position that has a specific training requirement, verify that all required courses have been successfully completed.


If your nursing position requires a candidate who has a specific amount of experience, ask about it immediately. Request information about the functions of each position and how they change over time to get an idea of ​​how the nurse progressed and in what percentage. If the open nursing position raises specific challenges due to the nature of patient illnesses and care requirements, see if the candidate has experience that will help him to solve any problems that may arise. Ask about the applicant's most important achievement in her career to better understand her priorities and personality. Question about the specific ways the nurse helped patients or the business in their last position.

Career interests

Ask about the professional interests of the applicant as a nurse. If you are running a focused nursing facility, such as a long-term care facility, ask why the person is interested in working with the type of patients and residents who provide their services. In this way, you can measure the enthusiasm that is working in your area of ​​expertise; For jobs that require a high level of patience and nursing tolerance, personal motivation can be an important factor in job satisfaction and success. You can also ask about career goals to get an idea of ​​how long the nurse will remain in your facility, if hired.

Communication style

Because a significant percentage of a nurse's working hours are spent communicating with patients, family members, doctors and pharmacists, providers of professionalism and sensitivity are important strengths. Ask job candidates how to handle unexpected and stressful situations, especially when it comes to dealing with dominant and difficult families. Give specific examples of things to the nurse can be found while working at your facility, and ask her to explain how she would handle the situation. You can also participate in role plays, where you play a patient, doctor or family member, to see how you would respond to the nurse.


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