6 Illegal Questions Made in Job Interviews

There are questions you can avoid responding to and take into account that no one can force you to give up your privacy to get a job. The next time you go to an interview, keep in mind that you can reserve certain information without fear even if you are not hired.

Illegal Questions in Job Interviews

Illegal Questions Made in Job Interviews

1. Have you ever been stopped?

Employers may ask you if you were convicted of a crime, what they can not ask you is if you have been arrested. It is important to discuss the incident and to point out that it is a thing of the past that will not be repeated.


2. How is your health?

Issues relating to your health and physical fitness in general can be very sensitive issues. Employers are authorized to ask you about the physical abilities related to the tasks you would be required to perform at work.


3. Are you married?

This is one of the questions that makes the least sense. The answer to this question may reveal much more information than you think, since it can be used to discriminate.


4. What is your religion?

This question is asked by employers to see if they can count on you on weekends and holidays; However, employers may try to bypass the problem by using simple tricks to get the information in a different way.


5. What is your nationality?

An employer has every right to verify that you are legally at home to work for them, but they can not ask any questions regarding your race or place of birth. They can not ask you your mother tongue, even if they do it with good intentions referring to the fluency of the language, as it lends itself to something offensive and discriminatory.


6. Have you used drugs in the past?

This is another example of a trick question that can mean many things. First, "drugs" can mean anything from illegal narcotics to prescription drugs, so it's unclear. An employer can not ask you if you have used drugs in the past unless you have been linked to a crime and convicted of it.


Remember, your past is not information that is valid for a current job. Analyze the questions well and really think what you want to reveal, especially if you are being interviewed for a job in government.


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