Humor and Joking During the Job Interview

Applying the humor during a meeting or job interview makes us more flexible and exploratory, even more open to personal relationships. Having humor increases the knowledge experience and makes people discover the best way to adapt to their environment and the conditions it applies.

Humor and Joking During the Job Interview

Break the ice 

In the workplace, interviews can become rigid and somewhat uncomfortable. On many occasions, when you remain serious and expectant the conversation with an interviewer can become dry, without rhythms of conversation, producing a totally incompatible talk. In these situations, we can express nervousness, which makes us unable to detail our virtues, abilities and skills clearly.

Implies laughter in your interview 

In the interview, he uses humor both spontaneously and intentionally. Humor makes behavior and understanding in a dialogue increase. If it is possible to include a joke in your conversation, do so, as long as it is not offensive to take the liberty of expressing yourself. When we make good use of our personality, we get an emotional and positive experience that could lead to good empathy, even silent laughter. Apply this as an anti-stress strategy.

Humor During the Job Interview

Share your excitement 

Using humor between you and your interviewer helps to strengthen the alliance between labor relations. This can get those involved in the interview to share positive experiences with you and the conversation lengthen to a friendlier point. Eliminate the rigidity of your interview and the monotony. In the course of your talk, do not exaggerate effort to appear witty or funny, just let both parties in the conversation intervene in a natural way.

Beats the formal and serious style 

The tool of humor, used properly in a job interview and with the appropriate limitations for a formal environment, helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere, with advantages to have a more natural conversation of labor issues, facilitates the expression of feeling of Safer way and helps to leave aside the formal and rigid sense. It can increase the self-efficiency of the interviewee and decrease fear.

In conclusion, keep in mind always maintain a good personal debate, speak firmly and always prepare a good speech before any interview.


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