How Long Does it Take To Speak At A Job Interview?

Although it may seem strange to you if an interview is going well, the candidate and the interviewer will talk about the same time. I know it may sound a lot of time to say that you should talk about 50% of what the interview lasts, but the reality is that an interview is a meeting where you have to interact between the parties.

At first, it is expected that the interviewer will talk more about introducing the candidate to the interview, asking a courtesy question or commenting on the company. As the interview progresses, the candidate speaks more about explaining their work life and answering the candidate's questions. The problem is that if a candidate does not speak out of fear, insecurity, etc. Usually transmit more insecurity and ends up giving less details or relevant explanations to prove that it fits the job. Nor should one go to the other end of those people who are not silent or under water.

How Long Does it Take To Speak At A Job Interview?

How Long Does it Take To Speak At A Job Interview?

That is why it is important to practice the interview so that answers are not always given yes or no, nor answers of more than 5 minutes. It is best to respond in about 3 minutes to give the interviewer the opportunity to ask or deepen what they have asked. Remember that you can always mention something if you see that they do not ask you by relating it to a question you ask or by simply saying at the end that you would like to explain a little more X task, post, etc. It is not a race against the clock in which you must "vomit" the information to be chosen.

How do you balance that amount of time talking? Something few do, is to ask at the end of the interview. It is at this point where the candidate should ask to maintain that percentage of time by making the interviewer in this case who speaks something more and more details.

Especially questions related to the position you are going to play, partners, types of tasks, etc. Ask for vacation or salary if you have not brought up the subject the interviewer is better not to mention it. As I say in the video the key is to practice as well so you will realize the time you speak.


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