Best Color to Wear Job Interview

The job interview is a formal situation, so you should be dressed for the occasion. If you are going to buy a set wear for a job interview, it is better to stay in the business world: navy blue, gray, charcoal gray or black would be the basic colors (suits for them, dresses, pants and skirts for them). Women can wear other colors, suits in bright colors (red, pink or blue, for example) are not advisable. If you want a bit of vivacity you can always combine a jacket with a more vivid tone with a skirt or pants in a basic color.

As for men's shirts, the safest colors are white or light blue.

Best Color to Wear Job Interview

If we want to do a perfect job interview, we must take care of all the details, including the colors of the clothes with which we will go to the job interview. Normally people tend to choose colors that match well with their skin tone or the color of their hair. However, we often overlook that colors also communicate and that the tones of our clothes can help communicate things to our interviewers and other people. Do you want to know what colors mean?

Black: safe option for skirts and pants, and even for women's suits; in the case of men, it can be a little funeral. Avoid excess black: for example, be sure to include a tone that contrasts and brings some light. The most suitable are white and cream. Be careful: cheap black fabrics do not absorb black dye well and may seem "faded." If your budget is tight, black is not the best option. Also, this color does not suit you if you have dandruff. 

Navy blue: possibly the safest color in the professional field, since it suggests integrity and professionalism, and is one of the most flattering for any skin tone, although it can be a bit boring. 

Charcoal gray: very distinguished color. Again, it favors almost all skin tones, especially with a white skirt or top. 

Gray: a lighter gray may seem dull and suggest a boring character. If you do not have a slightly tanned skin tone, it does not enhance too much. 

Yellow: creative, energetic, positive and cheerful. It is not so linked to logical or strategic thinking. Use it sparingly: in a tie, or in a jacket or skirt in the case of women. 

Red: this tone excites the nervous system, and that is why it is the color of love, but also that of anger! Red is very dominant, but it is a classic for women's ties and jackets. 

Rosa: the color of sex. It is also a very "girl" option, the favorite among celebrities who practice topless, and so on. Pink men's shirts are fashionable and stop being cyclical and very fast. Intense pink may suggest a desire to get attention.

Blue: the color of calm and empathy. A good color to combine. 

Brown: it is considered somewhat boring and traditional, with allusions to rural life. It is not very well seen in urban environments. 

Green: soft color, more accessible, currently closely linked to environmental issues. It is not the most flattering for many skin tones, as it can reflect on the face and cause a strange appearance of dizziness. 

Orange: this color is chosen to create a positive and cheerful atmosphere in restaurants and cafeterias, but for a job interview it can be risky. Roasted orange is safer than squeaky tones, which suggest an original mentality and an outgoing personality. 

Bluish green: a good "bright" choice, since it has enough blue to be colorful and serious at the same time. 

Purple: distinguished color, relaxing and that usually makes everyone feel good. 

White: clean, elegant, with nothing to hide. 

Beige: can suggest a bland personality, especially if it is carried from head to toe. 

Candy: a somewhat more intense tone that implies more personality and confidence than beige.


Colors convey information, emotions and sensations. For people who like to wear black, the recommendation is to contrast it with white to give it dynamism since dressing in black in its entirety brings sadness and distancing.


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