Preparation For The Job Interview

When we start to make a constant and active job search, what we do is generate INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES and today we are going to focus on this step of recruiting, THE PERSONAL SELECTION INTERVIEW. Job Interview Preparation. Selection interviews are defined as prior contact prior to recruitment. In them, both company (in the figure of the interviewer) and the candidate show their best face and as I like to define them is a BIDIRECTIONAL SALE PROCESS.

If you are a commercial, you will know that before going to a commercial visit you must prepare considering the objectives that you sell brands and the characteristics of the client.Well, through this post I'll be throwing the PREVIOUS STEPS TO DO before going to the interview.


Job Interview Preparation

First of all we receive a first contact, which is usually through: CALL OR PREVIOUS EMAIL calling us to an interview. It is usually a short contact where your professional experience matches the job description.

* If you are busy or can not answer the call optimally, ask for a contact number to the recruiter. If you take the call in a complex situation, it is likely that you are discarded so try to carry paper and pen by hand to take the data or provide your email so you can send the information.


  • REVIEW THE WEB PAGE OF THE COMPANY: It is usually "the brochure" of the company's propaganda. In it you will find the VALUES AND MISSION OF THE COMPANY. Take note of them and try to adapt your speech to these values, usually look for them in their employees. Apart from that, you will obtain additional information about the company (market positioning, company size, location, organization chart).
  • TAKE A LOOK AT THE INTERVIEWER'S PROFILE IN LINKEDIN: Social networks like LinkedIn allow you to get information about the interviewer. It is a HELP, it will allow you to go more calm to the interview and seeing that it is not as bad / as you can imagine.

  • READ CAREFULLY YOUR CV: Many times the candidates write the CV and forget it in our computer until the next interview. It is important that you read it carefully before the interview. For an interviewer, a candidate who is not clear about the dates of entry and exit of a company is a candidate that is unclear and may even discard you because they believe that you have tried to lie.

If you have been fired or have some extensive white in your CV, you will be asked (and more today) I recommend that you answer with sincerity:
  • Ex1; I have been preparing to be eligible for senior positions.
  • Ex2; I have worked in positions that have no relation to my current professional aspirations due to the economic situation.
  • Ex 3; I have been actively looking for employment but the situation is not easy.

The recruiter seeks to know if the candidate has been out of the market because he is a bad candidate or if it is due to bad luck.

  • PREPARE THE CLASSICAL QUESTIONS: In every interview of selection there is a series of questions.
  1. · Why are you interested in working with us?
  2. · What do you know about our company?
  3. · What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. · Explain an experience that was very complicated for you and you are proud to have overcome it? How did you deal with it?
  5. · Why do you think you are the ideal candidate to be hired? What can you offer us, which other candidates do not have?
  6. · What do you expect from us as a company?
  7. · Do you have any other questions?

It always drops some, so think the answers, staying BLANK is not a good choice.

  • ADEQUATE YOUR APPAREL TO THE TYPE OF COMPANY: It is the most difficult thing but I recommend trying to inquire among friends / acquaintances about this aspect before going to an interview. I have categorized them but sometimes I fail.

I once went to an interview with a video game company, with an American and I felt like the duck in the picture below. I with American in an informal business.

Some companies are very formal with the clothing (big consultancies, banks, insurers, law firms, public institutions of national and international renown) and then you will find the companies where the tie and the suit are much left over (IT companies, innovation, video games ) But the best thing is to ask and before the doubt appear with an intermediate look.


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