Top 10 Strangest Questions In a Job Interview

We have all been through various job interviews and even before going to a job interview we often know what we are going to be asked or questioned about during the interview. Needless to say that there will be all kinds of questions, from those that are easy to answer to those that make us think for a while to try to give the answer that best impresses and solves the question of our interviewer, but how many of you have gone through a job interview with at least one rather strange question? How to answer a strange question during an interview.

Here we leave you the top 10 of the strangest questions:

  • What do you like least about humanity?
  • How does the Internet work?
  • What is the color of money?
  • If you were a cereal box, which one would you like to be and why?
  • Do you consider yourself a hunter or a gatherer?
  • How lucky are you and why?
  • If you were on an island and could only bring back three things, what things would you choose to bring back?
  • If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
  • If they made a movie of your life, who would play your role and why?
  •  How honest and responsible are you?

The list of strange questions can be enormous, and dealing with these types of questions that usually catch us off guard is no easy task. How should we respond? Here we leave you with a series of tips that will help you take all kinds of questions calmly and of course think with a cool head to provide the most accurate answer possible and avoid that unforeseen or embarrassing situation.

How to respond to a strange question during an interview

Strangest Questions In a Job Interview

Be prepared:
Coming to a job interview prepared for everything is a crucial part of a flawless performance and a successful job interview. Keep in mind that all interview questions are designed to assess your skills, so answering a question demonstrates the critical thinking and problem-solving skills you possess that qualify you for the job you want and are being offered. Think of something that relaxes you and relieves the tension that the question may cause you. Focus on your skills, be confident in them and rehearse, either in front of a mirror or with someone's help, rehearsals will help you gain confidence, improve your diction and ability to answer questions clearly.

Keep calm: if you are asked a question that makes you feel puzzled or unfocused, the most important thing is to keep calm and demonstrate the opposite, look your interviewer in the eye, without being defiant, just make them feel that you are confident and you have the answer, even if what is happening with you is the opposite. Remember that what you transmit is perceived by them, stay calm and make your confidence your greatest skill.

Look confident: as mentioned above, looking confident will allow you to gain ground on any uncomfortable question, opt for a relaxed posture and calm look, as if you are analyzing the question.

Buy time: take the time to answer, if your mind has gone blank, you can buy time by replying and following up on the question by saying phrases like "the question is very interesting to me, allow me a moment to give an answer" or "I will think deeply about it and I will give you an answer right away".

Question: as already mentioned, most of the questions are intended to evaluate the skills and reasoning capacity you possess. In general, for strange questions there is no definite answer that is correct, so answering but at the same time asking to clarify your doubts will allow you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and your ability to find a solution to problems.

Focus on the job: focus on the job you are interviewing for and the skills required or requested, since the questions and your answers will be aimed at demonstrating those skills and the ability to solve them, which will show that you are qualified to fill the vacancy available.

Take your time: if you bought time and applied the first tip, after a while of more questions and answers, you may have already thought of a possible answer and are ready to respond, so confidently take up or mention the question and provide your answer.
Pick up or follow up: if you were not able to answer the question, at the end of the interview prior to the conclusion you have one more opportunity to pick it up or right in the thank you part of your speech you can include a brief answer.

Finally, remember that a job interview does not completely define your abilities or skills, nerves are something that on several occasions may be present, however it is not something to be ashamed of, but on the contrary, will allow you to detect areas in which you can improve and polish yourself, learning from any occasion and taking it in the best of senses. Any question, no matter how strange it may seem, will generate knowledge and previous experience for future interviews.

How to respond to a strange question during an interview

Don't forget to rehearse, practice and prepare for any job interview. Being prepared will help you gain ground during the interview, have a chat with your interviewer and make the interview not look like a typical questionnaire, where your only option is to answer the questions the interviewer asks you.  Finally, we wish you success in your interviews and encourage you to follow our advice.


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