Women's Office Dress Code in the Workplace

This is the most formal dress code that exists within the office (not at office social events, for which you consult: "How to dress for a formal business event"). To comply with this code, own rather of large law firms or financial, you must use a dark suit with a dress or skirt to the knee or below. Opt for sober colors such as black, chocolate, wine, forest green or the inevitable navy blue, in fine fabrics of wool and silk or quality synthetic fibers, that do not shine or make "noise" when walking. Wear stockings unless your legs are well turned, plucked and tanned. In any case, avoid showing too much skin. 

The shoes should be rather discreet, without adornments, with an appropriate heel to keep pace with the "big bosses" or to follow your step if you are the "big boss". Finally the accessories must be few and of excellent quality.

Women's Office Dress Code in the Workplace

General business: This dress code is a little less formal, so you do not necessarily have to wear a full suit - you can combine. Your accessories can be more eye-catching, and you can show your knee legs down. A pencil skirt can be a good option for this environment, along with a shirt and a blazer. Pretty or striking necklaces, as well as foulards or brightly colored mascaras are allowed.


Business casual: While here you can opt for more flashy and fun accessories, as well as blouses, sweaters and dark jeans or jeans, remember that "casual" is NOT a synonym for "fachoso" or gangly. Even when you are in a more relaxed environment, it is still a work environment where you must maintain an attitude and professional image.

Recommendations to apply the dress code in the office

Wear comfortable shoes: Choose to wear wider and lower heels, particularly if you are usually standing constantly; Not only will you get tired quickly by wearing high and thin heels, but you also run the risk of falling.

Use a bra or bra that gives support and fits you: Although it seems incredible, 85% of women wear a bra incorrect size. The support that gives you your underwear is important to avoid having extra fatigue, as well as to look good your outfit. Finally, try to wear simple underwear, and leave the lace and flowers for the weekend. Check our article "Tips to form your basic wardrobe No. 1: good underwear" to know more.

Send the right message through your attire: Even if you like to dress differently from others or attract attention for your creativity and style, remember that there is a "corporate culture" that you must honor, since each institution has its own rules , written and not written about what is right and allowed. No doubt you can add personal touches, but avoid calling too much attention for your style, instead of your work.

Use the right colors: Dressing formally for the office does not mean you have to wear black day after day; other colors such as navy blue, gray, or any other dark tone communicate seriousness and authority, and can also help you vary your combinations and outfits a bit. Likewise, if your business partner is business casual, it does not imply wearing washed jeans, extravagant makeup or wearing inappropriate necklines. (I invite you to read the article "Wardrobe tips for women of power".

Avoid using:

  • Transparent clothing
  • Spotted or washed clothes
  • Clothes that fit too tight
  • Exercise clothing (including all kinds of pants or tracksuits, not even Juicy Couture type velvet)
  • Micro skirts
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts with messages or slogans
  • Flat flip flops sandals
  • Pronounced necklines

Depending on the season, you experience:


Spring Summer:

  • You can dare with more striking colors
  • Simple gold or silver accessories
  • Prints are acceptable at this time, as long as they do not make you look too casual
  • The metallic colors in moderation

 Autumn Winter:
  • During the winter months, clothing should be more conservative
  • Use pants, leggings or tights that cover your legs and protect you from the cold
  • Use more sober colors, such as wine, navy blue, dark green, purple and chocolate brown
  • Wearing blazers or formal jackets will help make you look fashionable and protect you from the cold
  • Use closed shoes or boots
  • Opt for thicker and textured fabrics

Remember that what you are wearing sends an important message; If you are not sure what you should use for the newspaper, take the example of your bosses. If you see them dressed formally, imítalos; but if you see that they are more casual, feel confident to relax a bit. Dress carefully to reflect the style and essence of the company where you work, without forgetting your individuality.


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