Easy Tips Before and During Job Interview

When a new year begins, many of these jobs are accompanied by new opportunities, so job interviews are the order of the day; You must take into account that to make a good first impression there are no second chances, so you should be prepared.

 Tips Before and During Job Interview

We have some general TIPS that you can apply when you get this type of occasion:

  • Research and know everything you can from the company.
  • Try to arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before the interview; It is very bad taste to arrive just in time or worse late.
  • Take your resume and find it perfectly because this will be your guide.
  • Identify your weaknesses, your qualities and think of good arguments to respond.
  • The garments you wear are very important and have a lot of influence when it comes to reflecting a professional image so you avoid very flashy garments, very short, pronounced necklines, transparencies, shoes that let you see your fingers, jeans, etc.
  • Make-up and hairstyle are just as important as clothing so you should not go to extremes: not too makeup for a party or on the other hand without a drop of makeup; You should use pastel colors to achieve a natural and smooth effect.
Tips Before and During Job Interview

  •  Adopt a correct position when sitting that demonstrates safety.
  • Use an appropriate tone of voice to answer the questions asked by the interviewer; Avoid tutear or speak with diminutives.
  • Avoid crossing your arms, you'll look defensive.
  • Always look in the eyes of the interviewer but not intimidated.
  • Try to maintain a calm attitude, do not get carried away by nerves making gestures like eating your nails, touching your hair a lot, etc.
  • Always respond with the truth.
  • If you are asked about yourself emphasize on your training, experience and results of your work.


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