Everything You Need to Know About How to Dress in an Interview

It is quite curious, and certainly not recommendable, as on many occasions we have paid great attention to all processes prior to a job interview, and at the time of doing this interview we give too many things of course and, we make mistakes like Not caring how to dress at the job interview.

It is obvious that there are a large number of elements that we have to take care of both before and during a job interview, we will of course be concerned about sending the curriculum in the best possible way, we will also have incorporated recommendations if they had them, and, at the time of Presenting ourselves to the interview will try to maintain a behavior appropriate to both the environment in which it is to be developed and the job we aspire to.

For that reason, because it is probably the crucial moment before entering or not a job, we must take great care of the interviews and also for this very same image that we are going to offer. It is therefore very important to have clear all the functions related to how to dress for a job interview.

All You Need to Know About Preparing the Job Interview

dress for a job interview

Why is it important to take care of how to dress for the job interview?

A very simple way to understand the basic reason why caring for clothes and dressing appropriately for a job interview is important, may be to put yourself for an instant on the skin of the interviewer.

Imagine you are going to buy or hire a basic service for the operation of your home and for the well-being of your family, imagine that for that purchase or hiring more to attend to different providers that lead to offer their services and to which you will hear Its proposals that previously have already been arrived at through documentation or offers.

Obviously you will not value as a basic point and essential above all physical presence, but undoubtedly, the impression that causes us together the presentation of the supplier, including its appearance, is an element that always has much to say in a final decision.

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Each job interview, saving the logical distances, you are in a similar situation: that in interview intends to hire your work force, you are going to become an important asset in the company that will contribute to profits that are related accounts the object End of all men, therefore, your suitability to the position is important, any attitude during the interview will also do, but, the presence and image you projected will score and in many cases can make the difference between one and the other candidate.

Truths and Half Truths about how to dress in a job interview.

You just have to do an internet search about it and you will find hundreds of recommendations on how to dress for a job interview. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these recommendations take very little account of something fundamental: that not all individuals are equal and that not all jobs are equal and need the same fundamentals.

When decisions are made too generic, based on the experiences of others more than the experience itself, you can tend to one of the most serious dangers that we can run when dressing for an interview: to act, to dress in a very different way to We are really something that may be able to help us momentarily, but that generally does not result in anything good.

And, the first recommendation as we should today understand the processes of selection of personnel, is that as far as possible be yourself the maximum you can afford.

The Best Way to Face the Job Interview

In all the right recommendations on how to prepare a job interview, we will always advise you to do a previous study about the company you are aspiring to, this is basic if you want to conduct a correct interview, but also previously if you want to adapt the resume to the Differentiated realities of that company, remember, you do not necessarily have to always use the same CV for all the proposals, although obviously this does not mean that you manipulate your CV much less, but you do it based on what you need based on truthful information, And, testable.

Starting from that knowledge and starting from your own personality dressing, is how you should look for the balance to achieve a good image when dressing in the job interview.

As a general rule, all recommendations based on generic dogmas, you should take them with tweezers, that if you have never used a costume to go to a job interview with a suit is a delicate matter, which should only be given if indeed from obtaining that Use the suit is going to become a key part of your wardrobe something similar happens with women, when, so insistent on discretion in the chosen wardrobe, obviously we do not go to a party, but neither, pardon the joke, it is all about To seem like the nun lieutenant, be yourself is, we insisted probably the best recommendation provided you are clear where you go and what you intend.

What to keep in mind when dressing for the job interview

As you summarize this first part of the article, we would say that, therefore, there are some basic questions that you should always remember before a job interview in regards to the image:
  • Your image in the interview is very important and scores so much that it can make the difference between one candidate and another.
  • Dressing correctly is a good idea, but, overacting, dressing very differently than we really are and feel uncomfortable or, pretending to over-emphasize our image, may not only not be a good idea but a very bad one.
  • Look for the balance between what you are and how you express yourself dressing and what you understand is right for the job you aspire to, obviously valuing your image even though it is important in all cases, will not be the same for, for Example, a face-to-face job or an office job, or an industrial job.
  • Do not pretend to be what you are not. This, which you could also apply to the curriculum perfectly, may perhaps serve you in the very short term, but, in the long run, it is never a good idea.

Always try to be as correct as possible considering the above, if you have doubts about him a little more or less serious, choosing that little bit more does not have to hurt you. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible, non-verbal communication is also a very useful element for the interviewer to gauge the attitudes of the person in front of you, if you feel very uncomfortable with the clothes that you probably carry your language Body will be more extensive than you should.

It is smart of course as far as possible and the more you match your way of dressing better, adapt to the philosophy that may be closest to the company where you aspire to work. Obviously if we aspire to work in a financial company it is very likely that the suit is a more working tool, if we aspire to a job in a sportswear company, although obviously we should not do the interview in tracksuit, but we can do it With more casual clothing ... The above may seem like an extreme example, about a certain extent it is, but it wants to illustrate the fact of the importance of being clear what you are looking for, as you are, and in this case as you dress and adapt it as best as possible without Fall into overacting.

Colors to dress for the job interview

When choosing a color of clothes, the first thing to know is that each color transmits a series of emotions or feelings. It is what is known as color psychology and is something that can be applied to any area of ​​our life. But before we go in to what each color says about you and that makes the interviewer feel we are going to offer three general tips for choosing the tone of our clothes.

Solid colors versus clothes with patterns 

Most importantly, the interviewer does not remind us of our attire and focuses on our skills, not how we dress. Solid colors help make this happen. Navy blue, dark gray or black are colors that will not distract the interviewer, something that prints and patterns, like stripes on the suit, can do.

Neutral colors vs. vivid colors

Neutral colors such as those mentioned above are preferable to bright or too bright colors. Again, it is not to distract the attention of the interviewer and to offer a more sober image. The pale colors are a good choice not to stand out and, above all, not to appear too authoritarian, something in which they fix those who look for people for positions related to the area of ​​services or customer service.

Know the work environment

Whenever possible try to know in advance the environment of the office and its environment. This is undoubtedly the best way for the color and style of your outfit to fit the company.

Key Tips for Choosing to Dress for a Job Interview

Always handle all the possible information about the company where you aspire to work and for which you are going to carry out the interview. If there is a dress code, or a uniformity, or at least the type of work environment in which you can develop.
  • Always choose comfortable clothes. We seek to convey a good image, but, remember, we never seek to be what we are not or to overact.
  • Just as we did not go to the beach in summer with winter clothes, we would not go to a job interview with overly casual or festive clothing. Nowadays it is difficult to talk about clothes that if you understand that no, it seems more appropriate to graduate the level of sobriety, something that really well dressed can be obtained almost with any garment.
  •  As far as possible it is more efficient to choose neutral colors than colors that are too noticeable, this is also applicable for, for example, prints or, in general, an excessively variegated image.
  • The complements, as we will see later, may be a good choice, however, as we have introduced across the text, the excess is never positive. Avoid an excess of complements, and, within these avoid an excess of jewels, rings, etc.
  •  We are not going to talk here about personal hygiene, it is assumed that no one would go to a job interview without meeting the elementary rules of hygiene. Face to the image, in the case of men who have a beard it is usually very interesting that this be well cared for and trimmed, otherwise shaving is mandatory or almost. In the case of women the thing is more complex, it is usually recommended to use basic and discreet makeup and until a long time ago an added recommendation was not to use perfumes or if you choose very light perfumes, we are inclined by the latter option.
  • Footwear is an important part of dressing, and the job interview is not going to be less. To use a comfortable footwear but in good conditions of image is important, the doubt on whether the use of sandal open or not, very accentuated times of summer, has more to do with personal decisions in case of the woman, and less than correct the case of the men. In general it is advisable to wear a closed shoe.
  • Nowadays, there are more and more clothes that do not need to be ironed (or directly ironed a little), however, ironed clothes, especially shirts and trousers that require it, is usually a good idea.

The complements to dress for a job interview

Add-ons may be a good idea to finish fitting a good image in a job interview. But without passing. In the case of men the usual accessories, such as belt, watch, or portfolio portfolio, are perfectly acceptable, may also be acceptable, depending on the job that sucks other complements such as certain rings or earrings, although this has much to do , We insist, the type of work that is aspirated.
 In the case of women, supplements are also important. Jewelry or jewelry can add an interesting touch to your wardrobe, but excess can become a bad idea. Set to the maximum in terms of sobriety, earrings, one or two rings, and even also some added ornament that does not distract excessively with a handy bag (may be interesting to use to carry the resume for example) can be a good set. In any case depends more on your criteria and adequacy as we have seen throughout the article.

Bad ideas to wear in a job interview

We could really make great catalog in the form of small museum of horrors in what to garments not advisable refers to facing a job interview. Instead we will cite some bad ideas, knowing that there may even be interviews in which these bad ideas are not so bad, remember, always keep in mind where we go in general.
  • In general, over-tight clothing is not a good choice, nor is it to choose impossible colors, such as fluorescent colors or excessively loud.
  • A bad idea, however well dressed you go, is to present bad hairstyle or hair in poor condition. Eye, we do not say by the wide, we say badly combed the disordered hair, not to confuse.
  • Nor is it a very good idea to go with excessive clothing, not the other way around, in balance is the key in this matter.
  • It is also very bad idea to choose an excessively extravagant shoe, uncomfortable or have nothing to do with the rest of your wardrobe.

In general, as you can see, the tendency is to try to be as much tourism as possible, to know as much as possible the place where you aspiras to work and according to these two criteria choose a wardrobe sober, correct considering that you go to a job interview Which can define your future work.


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