How to Dress and What Shoes to Wear for a Job Interview

Today I bring some tips on how to dress to go to a job interview. These are basic tips that you can take into account. Remember that presence is also important.Experts and protocol rules recommend that you go to a job interview with salons or stilettos, loafers or booties with medium-low heels.

Going to a job interview can be one of the most important appointments we have in our lives. Getting that longed for job and becoming part of the company you wanted, is surely one of your vital goals that you dreamed millions of times.

Therefore, when we are faced with this situation, we should leave nothing of the hand of improvisation. It is important that we prepare and become well aware of where we are going, what impression we want to give and what things we want to emphasize from our physique and personality. In the first place, we must know and study deeply the company from which we are going to become a candidate. The more we know about it, the more security and arguments we will have to face the questions and our interviewer. Of course, a careful physical and wardrobe will greatly help us feel safe and make a good first impression during personal interaction with the coaches.

On many occasions we have read posts and tips on how to dress appropriately for a job interview. But today we want to give the protagonism to the most appropriate footwear for this situation, because if it does not go according to your wardrobe it can ruin your look, your security and your interview.

Shoes for a Job Interview

In addition, the shoe says a lot about you and it is more than likely that your interviewer will notice him on more than one occasion. There is no worse impression than a person with dirty, broken or poorly maintained shoes. And is that, in a job interview is important to go with the footwear unpolluted and in accordance with our wardrobe. Remember a basic rule: you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression. So be extremely careful with all the details.

Moccasins, stilettos and booties for job interview

According to the protocol and expert advice, the most appropriate shoes for this type of appointment are unostilettos or lounges, moccasins or boots. Always with medium-low heels and rather sober colors.

Stilettos for a Job Interview

The salons or stilettos are a tremendously versatile footwear and that give a serious and very professional touch to our look. Undoubtedly, this style of shoe is a classic that has always been associated with women's office, offices, executives, uniforms ... Therefore, the image we have of the salons or stilettos is that of a work shoe that brings seriousness And safety to our styling. Undoubtedly, we consider them the most appropriate for your job interview.

This type of footwear is usually of patent leather or skin and you can combine them with tweezers pants, straight pants, skirt or dress. Salons of cheap women's skins to give a good impression in an interview of leather work with heel and platform of women's comfortable women's skirts.

Ankle boots for an interview

Booties are a basic that we can combine perfectly with pants, dress or skirt. For a job interview, ideally they have a low-middle heel and platform, in order to feel much safer when walking.

Ankle boots for an interview

Shoes not recommended for an interview

To finalize this article we are going to give you some footwear tips that we should never lead to an interview. In no case is the use of the following types of shoes recommended:
  • Slippers: They are very comfortable and extremely fashionable, but they are not suitable for this type of appointment.
  • Flat-forms, sandals and open shoes: Again, job interviews are formal events and should be formally dealt with. Even if flip-flops, sandals or open-toe shoes look smart enough, they are informal and should not be used in interviews.
  • Very high heels: very high heels are very beautiful and feminine but they are often impractical so we strongly advise you to take them to your job interview. In addition, you will feel insecure and that can affect you negatively when developing and show the best of you.
  • Excessively ornate shoes: This type of footwear is best to reserve it for the night or to leave. As we have already mentioned, in a job interview, sobriety excels.

We hope you have helped this post and guide you when choosing your style and footwear to face a first job interview.

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