Phases of the Job Interview, From the Point of View of the Interviewer

Once the behavioral questions and follow-up probes for each essential factor for success have been worked out, the next step is to plan the interview process itself.


Be sure to make the necessary changes to adapt the interview plan to your company. On the other hand, the indicated times are only suggestions, and must be modified according to the needs of each interview.

Phases of the Job Interview, From the Point of View of the Interviewer

Introductory Phase 5-10 min.

  • Introduce the candidate to each member of the interview team and ask them to introduce themselves.
  • Inform the candidate of how the interview will be conducted (who will ask the main questions, follow-up questions, etc.)
  • Inform the candidate when you expect to complete the interview.
  • Ask all the necessary questions about the candidate's application or curriculum.

Information gathering phase: 1 hour
  • Ask the main questions about behavior
  • Conduct surveys on specific actions
  • Take surveys for more information or clarification
  • Conduct surveys to know the results of those actions.

Repeat the process to investigate all the factors essential for success.

Phase of job description: 5 min.
  • Explain the job to the applicant
  • Explain the duties and responsibilities it entails
  • Offer specific examples of the work already done.
  • Offer him to answer any questions.

"Sell the company": 5 min.

Be sure to assign a member of the interview team the responsibility of "selling the company" to the candidate. This must be equivalent to a true sales operation, is to outline the main advantages of working for the company.

Closure phase: 5-10 min.
  • Ask the candidate if you want to ask more questions
  • Ask if you are interested in getting the position.
  • Inform them of the next step in the selection process and when a decision can be expected.



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