A Difficult and Important Question in A Job interview

Getting a job happens to have an excellent resume, but also to know how to convince your interlocutor during the job interview that is done in the selection process, which is very important to prepare the questions that you will answer in a job interview.

Within this interview you will encounter certain questions that are especially complicated to answer, mostly because of the subliminal implications your words may have. Therefore, it is important that you practice the answers in advance so that you can control your nerves before your interviewer.

Tell me about your last company

The first of these sensitive questions refers to your reasons for leaving the company you have been working on so far. If you do not want to portray a fickle and unreliable person, do not be tempted to talk about salaries and lean for the need to find new challenges.

It is crucial to know what to answer in a job interview

Never criticize or speak ill of your previous boss or your colleagues; But keep in mind that it is not credible that everything seems perfect. Well show your disagreement with your internal promotion policy or some other aspect related to your search for new job. Regarding your superiors, if the relationship was not good, you can always say that he was a great professional with a deep knowledge of his sector.


What are your weaknesses?

This is one of the most complicated questions you can face, as it involves having to be realistic and, at the same time, not questioning your skills. The best option is to choose any of your defects that can be channeled under, such as your perfectionism at work or other aspects that people like employees.

Another valid answer and more linked to your knowledge than to your attitude is to talk about the technical skills that you do not yet master but that you know would be important or an interesting complement to your work, such as the level of languages ​​or the handling of some Tool, and say that although you are not yet an expert, you are working and actively training in it.


How much do you want to charge?

This theme is usually touched on in the last steps of a selection process, where you already have real possibilities to be chosen and, without a doubt, this is one of the most delicate questions you will face, because it involves knowing how to value but prevent The company closes doors to you but can reach your economic aspirations.

The best choice? Do not give a concrete figure, but a hairpin that allows you to negotiate according to the market, your experience and the capacity of the company. You must show your willingness to negotiate that amount in combination with other types of social benefits or in-kind benefits.


What can you bring to the company?

Your interviewer will want to know with this question if you have a correct view of the position you are opting for, as well as if you overvalue or if you underestimate. Start by telling your achievements in other companies with clear examples of your abilities in concrete situations but adapting them to the requirements of the new position and refuérzalas with samples of your personality that prove that you are the best for that position. It offers something that allows you to differentiate yourself from the other candidates.

Practice all the possible answers to these questions to feel safe. It will be your great asset to get highlighted in your job interview above the rest of aspirantes.


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