How to Dress Up in an Interview

Going well dressed to the job interview is critical. The image says a lot about you, so when you present yourself in an interview, keep in mind the image of the company and dress accordingly. Dressing well does not necessarily mean wearing a suit. The trick is to show yourself as you are, but trying to convey a professional and reliable image. Here are a few tips you should not do.

Dress Up in an Interview

Dress Up in an Interview

As a rule, conservative colors are better in some blue or gray tone. Using a black color may be too serious.
  • It is preferable to wear shirts than T-shirts. If the situation requires it, wear a tie.
  • Do not wear sandals, flip flops, or footwear. It's too casual.
  • If you wear a suit, make sure it suits you. Neither too loose, nor too narrow. Try to wear fashionable outfits.
  • Do not wear fisherman's pants or pirates. Neither leg warmers.
  • If you are a woman, do not paint your nails with garish colors or bizarre colors. Keep your nails neat and clean.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary jewelry: do not use more than two rings in each hand or one earring per ear.
  •  If you choose to wear bare legs, wear socks, even if it is hot. The stockings can be neutral color, or some color that matches your shoes.
  • Watch the add-ons. It is best to use discreet and stylish handbags, which are printed or too modern.
  • Avoid the leather jackets (jackets), they are too sporty.
  • Change the appearance of your dress in a second interview, changing the color of your blouse, shirt, or tie.
  • An interview is not the right place to assume that you're fashionable, but if you're into any career related to art, you may be a little more appropriate.
In any case, what you put should highlight the fact that you are a professional, a reliable and trustworthy person, ready to work in a new job. Let your common sense guide you.


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