Questions About Emotional Intelligence in a Job Interview

If you are looking for work, you should keep in mind that you will definitely be interviewed, and you may want to know that now you will not only be asked questions related to your profession, but also, you will be asked how it is You react to situations. These questions within the interview are designed to measure your emotional intelligence, which is your ability to perceive, control and evaluate your emotions.

The 15 most common questions you will be asked in a job interview, about emotional intelligence.

Here are the most common questions:
  • 1. How can this role help you achieve what you want?
  • 2. What things make you laugh?
  • 3. When was the last time you felt embarrassed or ashamed (What happened? How did you handle the situation?)
  • 4. What activities energize or excite you?
  • 5. What do you do to have fun?
  • 6. What are two of your personal habits that have worked well for you?
  • 7. How well do you get help from other people?
  • 8. How comfortable or comfortable do you feel when asking other people for help?
  • 9. What is one of the internal battles that you must confront every day?
  • 10. What things make you angry?
  • 11. What aspect of your work do you love?
  • 12. How could you create greater balance in your life?
  • 13. Who inspires you? Why?
  • 14. During an "average day", do you consider yourself a person with high or low energy?
  • 15. During an "average day", is your primary focus on outcomes or people and their emotions?

Questions About Emotional Intelligence in a Job Interview

Questions About Emotional Intelligence in a Job Interview

To talk about emotional intelligence it is very opportune to refer to Daniel Goleman who is the author of the book "Emotional Intelligence" published in 1995.

Daniel Goleman Defines Emotional Intelligence as: Emotional intelligence is a way of interacting with the world that takes into account feelings, and encompasses skills such as impulse control, self-awareness, motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance , Empathy, mental agility. They form character traits such as self-discipline, compassion or altruism, which are indispensable for a good and creative social adaptation "

How to answer questions about emotional intelligence?

First of all, it is very important that you be yourself and respond to the questions of your interviewer by being very authentic and "prepare" the answer that you think is the best, or what you think your interviewer wants to hear. Remember that in front of professionals who know the subject well and who will realize that you are lying and lying is not a good letter of introduction.

I hope this article will help you a lot in your job interview.


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