8 Mistakes to Avoid in A Job Interview

 What not to do during a job interview: 8 common mistakes to avoid during a job interview. Discover our best tips to avoid them! When you go for a job interview, you are likely to feel nervous and a bit stressed. These emotions can give you a hard time, as well as negatively impact your results. To help you prepare for your next interview, we have prepared for you this list of the 8 mistakes to avoid in a job interview.

A job interview will allow you to make yourself known to the recruiter and leave the best impression of your professional profile. Therefore, it is important that you take into account what you are going to say, the way you will behave, the clothes you will wear on the day of the interview and all those details of your body language that may influence the perception of your image. Below is a list of the most common mistakes made during a job interview and tips to help you avoid making them. Pay close attention and prepare your professional profile in the best way.

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Being unpunctual 

The first mistake candidates usually make is to be late for the job interview. Remember that punctuality is one of the values that will give the first impression of you. If a person is late for the first appointment, it is likely to be part of his or her daily routine, that is to say, he or she is an unpunctual worker. No company will risk hiring someone who has arrived late for a job interview without having a valid enough reason to justify the eventuality. So do not be late, schedule your time well, even try to arrive as soon as possible, 10, 15 minutes.


2. Lying 

This is probably the most serious mistake that candidates make during the interview. Lying is very dangerous, because if you are found out, you will automatically be out of the selection process. Don't be afraid to tell the truth, especially if it's that you don't master a certain tool or that you don't have the experience required for the vacancy, act honestly, it can be appreciated. It is normal for nerves to betray you, but if you lie, they can betray you even worse and your lie can be detected during the interview itself.


3. Giving negative reviews of your previous job

If your previous boss had very serious mistakes and you really had a very bad experience, you can let the recruiter know, but it is best not to speak badly about any of your previous experiences, as this will make you look like a non-conformist person, who cannot adapt to situations. Also, this impression can generate distrust, because you could be a person who creates judgments of others and, therefore, speaks badly of them. So, only if necessary, explain negative aspects, but it is advisable not to do so.


4. Wearing inappropriate clothing 

To avoid making this mistake, what you should do is look for the company's social networks, you will usually find a photograph of employees working, check what kind of clothes they wear. However, in case they use informal clothing, it is best to opt for a casual-formal wardrobe, so you do not look overly formal, but not informal either. Remember that first impressions matter a lot.

common interview mistakes made by interviewee


5. Lack of knowledge about the company 

It is very common that, when the recruiter asks the candidates about the company, they do not know what to answer because they have not researched anything about it. This is a big mistake, because you should show interest in the company where you want to work, in this way you give the impression that it is not your priority. We recommend that you find out about the company's foundation, main departments, processes and years in the market on its website or through its social networks. The more information you get, the better impression you can give.


6. Poor posture and facial expressions of discomfort.

Most of the time, the interviewer will be attentive to your body language. Watch your posture, don't hunch your back and try not to make facial expressions of displeasure, if you don't like something, say it verbally in a calm and respectful manner. When a candidate shows displeasure and has a misaligned posture, the recruiter discards his or her candidacy.


7. Interrupting the recruiter

Keep in mind that you should let the recruiter speak and only give your opinion or comments when asked to do so. It is important that you listen well to what they want to tell you. If you are constantly interrupting, what you are implying is that you are a person who does not know how to listen to others and is not interested in what others have to say. To avoid this bad image at all costs, don't interrupt, let the dialogue flow.


8. Avoiding glances

Never avoid the interviewer's eyes, they are looking for eye contact with you all the time. The way to allow honesty to flow is by staring, but a person who constantly avoids the eyes of his interlocutor gives reason to believe that he is lying, untrustworthy, uninterested or very scattered.


With these tips we have given you to avoid the eight mistakes that are made in a job interview, you are prepared to have a successful selection process, remember that much of the result will depend on how much or how little you prepare yourself. Every day closer to success!


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