Prepare A Job Interview

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago we discussed how to make a curriculum and last week we published how you can make a cover letter that accompanies the curriculum to highlight our attitudes and be possible candidates for the job offer. This week we will comment on how we can prepare a job interview.

For any company, the purpose of conducting job interviews is none other than to find the most suitable, qualified and best able to meet the needs of the vacant position. For us, preparing a job interview has two objectives:

  • Convincing the interviewer, through our behavior and our responses, that we are suitable for that position.
  • Find out if the work they offer fills our personal and professional aspirations.

Prepare A Job Interview

It is very important that we are clear about our skills, experience and education, to know what our strengths are and to exploit them to make the interviewer see that we are suitable for the position, as for our weaknesses we must also have clear to defend them With logical arguments.

The appearance is also important, we do not need to go in costume but we do not have to wear eye-catching clothes and an important thing to the interview we have to present only without company.

We also have to know that there are different types of interviews:

  • Directed interview: it is the most common, it follows a pattern of questions of questions established previously. The interviewer asks the questions in a concise manner and as he asks the questions, he also makes notes on the candidate's responses, which should also be specific.
  • Interview not directed: this interview is not structured and allows the candidate to take the initiative and talk about the aspect that he prefers. The questions are more general the interviewer acts as a listener. This type of interview allows to see more the personality of the interviewee.
  • Interview mixed: it is a mixture of the two previous, this type is also quite used because you answer your questions in a concrete way but we can also show our personality.
  • Stress Interview: for the interviewer is a very interesting interview for the interviewee a nightmare, aims to see our reactions under pressure. In these types of interviews, it is very common for them to ask for something and from time to time the interviewer is silent and staring at us, asking provocative or offensive questions, making us wait half an hour before the interview, etc. Success is always in maintaining calm and education.
  • Panel interview: In this interview there are several interviewers to evaluate from different points of view if their incorporation is positive for the company and if so, what position would fit better. Behave as in a normal interview, answering each separately and looking into the eyes.
  • Group interview: here there will be many interviewees and one or several interviewers. The purpose of these types of interviews is to measure the candidates' innate leadership, how they relate to other candidates and other behavioral characteristics.
  • Telephone interview: they are for pre-selection before a staff. If we are taken by surprise we can always tell you that at that moment we can not speak and confirm in what other time you can do it by making sure the name of the person you are going to talk to.

So that we are not caught unaware of the questions that can be asked in this link, we leave a selection of questions.

We hope you have helped and that this publication serves you to know how to prepare a job interview, but keep in mind, that the most important is that we go quiet and sure of ourselves.


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