Employment Interview: Basic Questions

For any job interview it is normal that we are a little nervous or anxious, more when several years have passed since the last interview we had. The important thing is to stay focused, to be sure in ourselves and to highlight our best profile projecting security and sincerity.

In every interview we observe that there are many repetitive questions, we see them as basic, however not responding properly could disqualify the candidate from that position to which is being evaluated.

Employment Interview: Basic Questions

Some questions that we frequently observe are:

1) What were your duties in your last job?

Describe your position and cover aspects that were directly related to the position, do not go beyond what is asked to avoid the recruiter loses interest or the thread of the conversation. What we want is for the recruiter to interpret that you are the best candidate for the position.

2) Why do you want to quit your current job?

Respond honestly, but importantly: avoid criticism of the company, as well as cynical or sarcastic comments, as it would fall out of place and be seen as lack of professionalism. Concentrate on your ambitions and desires to continue learning and growing professionally.

(For unemployed people the question would be "why did you resign the company or why did you get fired?")

3) Define yourself in three (3) words.

You must select your attributes very well and most importantly be authentic. Describe your qualities well but do not exceed more than one minute in your answer.

4) Do you think you work well as a team? Do you consider yourself a good leader?

All people (or most) answer this question affirmatively, try to be original.

5) Describe a situation where you have come under pressure and worked the problem well.

As far as possible try to describe a situation that is applicable to the position you are requesting.

6) Describe a situation in which you did not act correctly, and what you learned from it.

Do not try to hide a situation, not everything is perfect, we are human and we make mistakes in some moments. Do not speak it as an "insignificant error", the important thing is to mention it and describe your learning.

7) Tell me about you, what interests do you have or do you have?

In asking this question, the recruiter wants to form a clearer idea of ​​your personality. Combine interests you have individually as well as in a group. If you have any skills that are not common, take advantage and destáala ... companies are interested in creative people.

8) What is the most important thing for you in a job?

I suggest that you have the opportunity to investigate a little about how the company works (prior to the interview) and adapt your answer according to your philosophy (without falling into a lie).

9) Where do you visualize yourself in five (5) years?

Concentrate on your goals in the short term, avoid looking like an overly ambitious person as you might leave an exaggerated impression.

10) Why do you want to work for this company?

To answer this question correctly and usually the same is the closing of the interview, you must have researched a little about the company and the position that you are requesting. Must be honest, authentic and highlight your growth as a professional and the great contribution you can make in the company.


Now, there is always a question we call the "trap" of the interview and it is "how much would you like to earn?" Or "what salary would you be willing to accept?" ... we can not avoid this question, You must make it clear that money is not the only motivation for you (even if you know it to be), you can establish the minimum annual salary for which you would consider accepting the position, avoiding to "inflate" the figure. You must make the assignment to investigate the salary of that position in the labor market so that you keep in a real panorama. Or you can not answer a number to avoid "punching in a number" and you can answer that the expected salary would be the corresponding one and a fair one to the one that is in the labor market at that moment.

Before an interview, analyze these questions very well, adapt them to your profile and see for yourself why this position should be for you, convey security and transparency and you could have the success you expect.


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