How should you answer the question of strengths and weaknesses in a job interview?

 The strengths and weaknesses of a candidate are very important in the selection process, since the development of a company depends on these factors. What goes through a person's mind when a recruiter asks them to talk about their weaknesses? Perhaps many ideas, hundreds of errors and things to improve, but what happens when they ask the person to mention his strengths? The situation gets somewhat complicated, it happens to many in the middle of job interviews

In order for you to recognize your strong points and those that are not, it is of the utmost importance that you have self-awareness and reflection with yourself. If you feel that it is difficult for you to answer these types of questions, it is best to breathe, relax and follow the advice that we give you on how to deal with these situations.

Answer Questions About Strengths and Weaknesses in Job Interviews

Answer Questions About Strengths and Weaknesses in Job Interviews

What should you answer first?

If the HR interviewer asks you to answer about strengths and weaknesses, mention the weak point first. In this way, you can end the positive aspects that characterize you such as empathy, security, sincerity, creativity and others.

Stay Consistent

When mentioning your strengths, try to connect them to your weaknesses; that is, they make sense. If you mention that you are responsible, and then imply that you don't turn in assignments on time, there is no consistency. The interviewer may discover that you are lying or are very nervous, keep this in mind.

Don't Spread, Be Concise

Sometimes it is better that you express yourself with few words, punctual and to the point. Do not try to count your whole life, as well as each part in which you have realized what your strengths and weaknesses are. Let the conversation flow, but keep a thread. Answer what they ask you without beating around the bush.

Focus on the strengths and weaknesses that you can highlight the most 

Focus on the strengths and weaknesses that you can highlight the most

If you have run out of words or ideas and do not know what to answer to this question, it is best that you mention this according to your personality:

  • Strengths: Leadership, empathy when working as a team, resilience, self-sufficiency, curiosity, responsibility, among others.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of organization, too demanding with myself, insecurity when speaking in public, lack of experience, lateness. Mention that these are things that you work on every day to improve as a professional.

The strengths and weaknesses that you mention in job interviews do not define you one hundred percent as a person, since you will always be in constant change. If you made mistakes or are not hired for that job, do not think it is because you have said something inappropriate or because you have been honest with your weaknesses, keep in mind that you still have a long way to go and skills to develop. The most important thing is that you trust yourself.


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