What to do When They Call You For a Job Interview?

You are at home with some friends, or you go shopping, or take a nap, or one of those activities that you do every day, when suddenly your cell phone starts ringing. With mechanicity you respond and you discover that ... it is the department of HR of that company in which you cast your curriculum, wondering if it is a good time for you to answer some questions.

The telephone interview is a means that companies use to make a filter of nominations. Since we sent our candidacy to a company we have to be prepared to face, the company call, that is, a telephone interview at any time.

When Getting a Phone Interview

When Getting a Phone Interview

Your objective in the telephone interview is to get an in-person interview. The recruiter may already be calling you for a face-to-face interview, but even so, you should strive to do your best and create the necessary interest to get the personal interview. Do not forget that the job interview begins the moment you receive the call.

To do this type of interviews you must find yourself in a quiet place, without noise, where you can concentrate, listen clearly to your interviewer and make yourself understood. If the call occurs in a space that does not meet these conditions tell your interviewer that you are not in a comfortable place to attend and that as soon as possible you will call yourself to talk quietly.

Do not forget to take note of the name and surname of the person who called you and your phone number. If the coach comments that he will call you again, clearly indicate when you can do it and make sure that when you do, you can pay the closest attention. In any case, sign your name, company and post to which the call refers: you will need to prepare the telephone interview well.

Have prepared a good message of presentation, both to face a telephone interview and face-to-face, you have to have prepared a small message that briefly summarizes our professional profile, current situation and professional expectations.

Do not forget to show that you are motivated. The motivation is expressed through the tone of voice, enthusiasm ..., among others. As our interlocutor can not see us, there are elements that show our motivation that can not be perceived. Thus, it is important to be able to transmit the interest of the interviewer by telephone through our tone of voice and content. Although the interviewer can not see your gestures at that time, it is always convenient to smile, because your voice will sound different and more pleasant.

Once you are in a comfortable space, it is ideal to have paper and pen (to write down the information that you consider most relevant), your resume and all the information about the offer and the company to which the call refers. With it you can remember what skills and knowledge you have to highlight.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do when facing a telephone job interview is to focus on it just as if we were responding to personal interview questions face-to-face. That a job interview is done by telephone does not make it less serious or more accessible. The telephone interview is the first opportunity to convince the interviewer that our profile matches the available vacancy.


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