What to Consider When Recruiting Personnel for Administrative Positions?

 Recruitment is the process of identifying and selecting candidates for a specific job. It is an essential part of HR management. And it is fundamental to ensure that companies can count on suitable and qualified professionals.

The recruitment process involves several stages and can be carried out internally or externally, thanks to a series of selection resources that allow you to attract the best candidates in order to create a solid and qualified work team.

What elements should you take into consideration for the selection of administrative positions?

Consider When Recruiting Personnel for Administrative Positions

Consider When Recruiting Personnel for Administrative Positions


For the recruitment of personnel must take into consideration the following elements:

  • Applicant's resume. It includes relevant aspects such as: academic and professional profile, necessary skills and competencies.
  • Market conditions. It is essential to take into consideration the labor market conditions in order to offer an attractive salary offer.
  • Corporate culture. It is appropriate to choose candidates in line with the company's mission, vision, values and philosophy.
  • Labor legislation. Many country establishes a series of conditions for the recruitment and selection of personnel stipulated by law.

With our specialized Potential Talents service you can complete your team. In how many stages is the selection phase for administrative positions divided?

The personnel selection process in the country is usually divided into the following stages:

  • Profiling. Establishing the skills needed for the position.
  • Advertising of the vacancy. Appropriate recruitment channels are used, such as: portals, social networks and universities.
  • Recruitment of candidates. CVs are collected from applicants for the position.
  • Candidate selection. Those who best fit the profile of the position offered are chosen.
  • Offer letter. The vacancy offered is assigned to the selected applicant.

As mentioned in the note, we start a search with the profile survey, which we at Mandomedio consider essential in the process, since at this stage we manage to understand the characteristics and needs of the position, as well as the culture of the company where the talent will develop.

In that sense, it is essential to perform this stage conscientiously by both parties (consultant and client), since finally the adequacy of talent is not only measured with respect to their skills, but their values and aspirations, seeking that they are aligned to ensure the success in the incorporation of a new member of the team and its development in the company.


Recommendations for effective human resources management

Recommendations for effective human resources management

  • Use appropriate recruitment channels. For administrative positions, the appropriate means are job portals, social networks, etc.
  • Prepare a precise job description. Specifications should be clear and concise, especially requirements and responsibilities.
  • Conduct a timely selection process. The management must be rigorous and transparent, for which tests, meetings and references are requested.
  • Offer a good salary offer. Have an attractive and competitive bonus to attract the best candidates.


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